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WinUAE 4.4.0

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    WinUAE 4.4.0

    WinUAE 4.4.0 (01.07.2020) released.

    New features/improvements:
    • 68000 address and bus error (bus errors are not used in Amiga) stack frames are now 100% accurate, including all undefined behavior like partially updated flags or registers. Last missing part that wasn’t fully accurate previously.
    • 68010 emulation is now cycle-accurate. Including loop mode.
    • 68030 MMU emulation simplified and optimized.
    • CPU tester detected rare CPU/FPU bugs fixed.
    • Multiple CPU tester detected undocumented CPU and FPU (all models) behavior emulated, mainly edge cases that almost never happen normally. More information in detailed changelogs.
    • Debugger assembler and disassembler updates and fixes.
    • 1x-8x CPU multipliers are now also supported in prefetch (more compatible) CPU mode.
    • Implemented Paula serial port emulation receive break condition detection support.
    • “diskchange rdh0:” can be now used to eject drag&drop mounted directory/file/archive harddrive.
    • On screen led floppy leds have brighter border if inserted disk is write protected.
    • If 2 light pens/guns enabled and if gun 2 moves, enable only gun 2 crosshair. Previously gun 1 move enabled both crosshairs.
    • “Default” filter mode now enables aspect ratio correction and scales to window/screen size only when display size is too large or too small.
    • Ignore ncap/winpcap dll version because recent ncap versions have smaller version number than old winpcap versions.
    • GUI Reset button now copies current full GUI config to active config, including options that normally can’t be changed on the fly.
    • FPU default is back to 64-bit. Very few programs require 80-bit accuracy, it wasn’t worth the speed loss.
    • Black borders are not anymore enabled in autoscale center mode.
    • Few custom chipset and CIA emulation updates.
    • Added easy to use and transparent printf()-like debug logging method for developers.
    Bugs fixed:
    • If disk read DMA was started without any selected drive(s), it was always emulated in turbo mode.
    • Screen capture to clipboard created blank image if 256 color or less RTG mode and capture before filtering was set.
    • When ejecting directory filesystem that points to plain file or archive, not all host file handles were closed properly.
    • Switching GUI panels left stale entry in internal array, possibly causing random crash after switching panels many times.
    • Config file (*.uae) icon is now correct again.
    4.3.0 bugs fixed:
    • Some RTG to RTG mode resolution switches didn’t resize windowed mode correctly.
    • CD32 pad red button didn’t always work as a normal fire button, depending on how it was configured.
    • CD32 ROM delay loop patch was skipped. Broke CD32 CD if CPU speed was too fast.
    New emulated hardware:
    • Hardital Dotto (clone of ICD AdIDE)


    "Added easy to use and transparent printf()-like debug logging method for developers"
    Zajímalo by mne, nakolik byl Toni Wilen inspirován prací programátorů z TBL (https://tbl.nu/2019/08/20/Tooling/).
    Hodně zajímavá a velmi užitečná funkce.
    Kdyby to tady někoho zajímalo, tak více informací:

    New easy to use and transparent printf()-like debug logging method for developers: simply write parameters to address $bfff00 (byte, word and long accepted) one by one, then format string to $bfff04 (must be long) and formatted log message will appear in log window. Address may change, currently only active if 128k UAE boot rom mode is enabled and accepts only %d, %u, %x, %p, %s and %b (BSTR). Quickly made for quick and easy UAESND AHI driver debug logging..

    Nevíte, jestli něco takového je (nebo se plánuje) pro FS-UAE?