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    IBrowse 2.5.6 - sesta aktualizace zdarma dostupna pro majitele prohlizece IBrowse 2.5
    Nejzajimavejsi opravou je opetovne zprovozneni Gmailu.
    Pozor: IBrowse 2.5.6 vyzaduje AmiSSL v5, ktere bylo vydano take dnes.
    Oboji ke strazeni zde http://www.ibrowse-dev.net nebo pres AmiUpdate.

    Seznam zmen:
    • Adapted to fully use OpenSSL 3.0, via AmiSSL v5
    • HTTP Brotli compression support
    • OpenSearch autodiscovery support
    • Gemini client, allowing loading of gemini: URLs
    • Improved Gopher support
    • JavaScript fixes and improvements
    • Google/Gmail account login fixed (became blocked in March)

    See the http://www.ibrowse-dev.net/2.5/history.php for the full list of changes.
    Naposledy upravil ExiE; 22.05.2022, 22:06:58.


      IBrowse 2.5.7 (2.5.7a) - sedma drobnejsi zdarma dostupna aktualizace

      Seznam zmen 2.5.7:
      • Reworked Brotli huffman decoder to avoid triggering a bug on the 68060 processor, which prevented pages from loading
      • Tweaks to the loading of external modules
      • JavaScript improvements
      • Switched to GCC 11, with all warnings enabled, which identified numerous previously unknown bugs which have now been fixed
      • Hundreds of minor internal changes
      Seznam zmen 2.5.7a:
      • Fixed major bug in the updated lock relative i/o code
      • JS: Fixed boolean return values from host

      See http://www.ibrowse-dev.net/2.5/history.php for the full unedited list of changes.

      Edit: Vypada to, ze se objevili nejake dalsi problemy, takze muzeme brzo cekat dalsi verzi...


        Vám to jde stáhnout? Protože u mě to pořád hází error "The requested URL was not found on this server."
        C.A.D.A. (Czechoslovak Amiga Demoscene Archive)


          taky nejde
          yes brekekes


            U mně dobrý
            Amiga 600, Fúria EC020 OS 3.1.4, eX601, Indivision ECS, Acer AspireOne D255, ArosOne
            Powerbook G4, 1.67GHz, MOS3.15, Asus UX32VD Xubuntu 21.04


              Aha, u mně už taky. Tak asi nějaká chyba v síti
              C.A.D.A. (Czechoslovak Amiga Demoscene Archive)


                IBrowse 2.5.8 Released
                • Unescape the URL before showing it in the popup bubble when the mouse is over links
                • Fixed crash that occurs if the info window failed to allocate memory when updating the URL
                • Fixed crash that can happen when specifying a non-existent filename on the command line when starting from the shell
                • OS4: Reversed the protocol and codec modules file lock change in 25.108, unless at least elf.library 53.35 is detected, due to a relocation issue in older versions
                • Fixed Gemini support which stopped working in 25.108
                • Include updated Greek catalogs from Aminet
                IBrowse 2.5.8 vyzaduje minimalne AmiSSL 5.5, nebo muzete nainstalovat nove vydane AmiSSL 5.6