Nadpis rika v podstate vse.
Netusim, co chteji rict vetou, kterou jsem v textu zpravy zvyraznil. Je mozne ze by se ReAction mohl objevit v potencialnim pokracovani AmigaOS 3.1.4, ale to bude zalezer na vysledku pravni bitvy a take jak se zrovna Hyperion vyspi...

Hyperion Entertainment CVBA is pleased to announce that it has acquired full ownership of ReAction.

ReAction is the official AmigaOS GUI system since it was incorporated into AmigaOS 3.5 in 1999. With the release of AmigaOS 4 and newer it has been improved, bug-fixed and a more consistent and uniform look was created as is apparent from the various applications that make use of it. Hyperion Entertainment and the AmigaOS development team would like to thank the original developers for creating ReAction and providing the opportunity to roll out ReAction on all versions of AmigaOS.

Stay tuned for more news regarding ReAction in the near future!