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WinUAE 4.2.1 (bugfix release)

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    WinUAE 4.2.1 (bugfix release)

    Nejzajimavejsi pro nas je tentokrat oprava chyby, ktera zpusobovala rozhozeni grafiky u nekterych AGA programu a her jako napr. Alien Breed 3D

    WinUAE 4.2.1 (16.05.2019) released. http://www.winuae.net/
    Small bug fix release.

    4.2.0 bugs fixed:

    - Picasso IV and uaegfx YUV (video) overlay fixed. Didn't affect RGB overlays.
    - Reset/restart didn't reset overlay state.
    - Graphics corruption in some AGA programs (for example Alien Breed 3D).

    Old bugs fixed:

    - PPC emulation + Picasso IV: some programs had incorrect colors (For example Shogo MAD).
    - A2386SX bridgeboard unreliable/hanging floppy access fixed.
    - Changing accelerator board options (jumpers etc) on the fly didn't do anything.
    - Fixed hang when attempting to play physical CD32 CD with video tracks.
    - Fixed crash when mounting UAE controller HDF with more than 30 partitions.