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Legacy RPG

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    Legacy RPG

    Legacy je RPGcko ze stare skoly, puvodne vyrobene pro PDAcka jako Palm nekdy po roce 2000. Autori Redshift dlouho uvazovali i o Amiga verzi, ale teprve pred 3 lety se do toho pustil zkuseny programator a Amiga verzi vytvoril. Bohuzel to vypada, ze hra nakonec vubec nebude publikovana, duvody jsou nejasne.

    K dispozici je alespon hratelne demo (ke stazeni http://bszili.morphos.me/ports/legacydemo.lha)


    What are the demo limitations?
    You can't leave the first city, and your party members have a level 6 cap.

    How can I register the game?
    The demo can't be registered.

    When will the full version be released?
    I don't know, I'm no longer involved with the project.

    Who owns the rights to the game?
    I'd rather not discuss this, as I don't want to cause them any trouble.

    What do I need to run the demo?
    The minimum config is an A1200 + 4MB Fast + HDD or an ECS Amiga + 020 CPU + 6 of RAM + Kick 3.1 + HDD. If you don't have a graphics card you should also download and install BlazeWCP from Aminet. The game will warn you if it's needed.

    Why does the game uses chunky graphics?
    It relies on the extensive use of palette remapping, which is not possible to do with planar bitmaps in real-time, as you can't access individual pixels. Most bitmaps go through multiple passes of remapping, and all the different combinations (including the scaled versions) just wouldn't fit in the chip ram.

    Is there a version for NG systems (AmigaOS4, MorphOS)?
    There is no native version, but the game is system friendly so it should run reasonably well on these systems.

    What are the two executables (dungeon and dungeon-hires)?
    One runs in 320x240, the other in 640x400 (or 640x480 on NG machines). The latter is primarily targeted at RTG cards.

    Can I play in a window?
    On high color (15-bit) or higher RTG screens you can enable the "WINDOWED" tool type in the icon. On 256 color or lower screens the game will fall back to full screen mode.

    Why is the mouse cursor brown, even though that's barely visible?
    Your RTG driver doesn't support changing the sprite colors. If your graphics card supports high or true color modes you can try playing in a window instead.

    What are the control options?
    The primary input device is the mouse, but you can use the keyboard arrows to move around. There are also context-sensitive keyboard shortcuts, but these are not documented very well. I started adding joystick support too, but that's quite rudimentary, the mouse is still required at places.
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    O: Legacy RPG

    HiRes (RTG) video


      O: Legacy RPG

      To jsem hral (dohral) pred mnoha lety na SonyEricsson P900. Docela me to bavilo, ale oproti jinym dungeonum to bylo relativne primitivni, takova prochazecka.


        O: Legacy RPG

        Takze snad dobra zprava, hra by mela letos vyjit pod hlavickou Inked Pixel Software


          O: Legacy RPG

          Moc se mi libí grafika.
          Amiga - PMD 85


            Zkoušela jsem demo, a funguje v pohodě i pod AmigaOS 4.1fe, není potřeba E-UAE. Takže dík autorovi, hra je velmi system-friendly.
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